Primary School

Laying a strong foundation for the future

After Nursery School After Nursery School, Education continues at the New Horizons Primary School starting with Primary 1 (P1) when children reach the age of 6. Primary school continues until P7 after which they do their state administered final exams. One-third of the students attending Primary School are from the Children’s Home and two-thirds of the students are from the surrounding villages.

A school day starts at 8 am and lessons are 40 minutes each. Subjects include social studies, English language, religious education, music and drama, sciences, math and physical education. Extra-curricular activities like sports, debates or quizzes are also organized as part of the primary school offering. And importantly, a hot lunch is served which for some children from the village it’s the only square meal of that day. The Primary School has its own library with over 200 books and a computer room. The team of teachers works together to get the most out of every child and equip them with knowledge and skills for their future.