What we do

Noah's Ark is a Christian based organization, giving a home to more than 170 children who are abandoned, thrown away, abused of left behind. More than 200 children from the poorest families in the surrounding communities enjoy free education while our Family Clinic provides affordable health care.

What you can do

You can get involved with our work by joining one of our sponsorship programmes and sponsor a child from the Children's Home or the school. You can also support our work with your donation or your time as a volunteer.

Children's Home

Currently, more than 130 children are being cared for in the Children's Home while about 30 children live in small scale Family Units. Most children have been literally thrown away with the trash, left with a stranger, or are mentally or physically abused. When there is no other place for a child to go, Noah's Ark opens its doors and welcomes them into the family.

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Left on the tracks

When Erina was two weeks old she was left on the rail road tracks. That day the rain was so heavy the train could not pass which allowed someone to find Erina before it was too late. This little miracle now calls Noah's Ark her new home.

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Family Units

Family Units

When the children are about ten years of age, the move out of the main Children's Home into one of the Family Units. In a more family-like situation they are cared for by one dedicated caretaker.

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New Horizon

Noah's Ark believes in top-quality education and has therefore started its own school, New Horizon. Children begin learning through play in the Nursery School. From there, they advance to Primary School where they gain the education and experience necessary to succeed in Secondary Vocational School. Noah's Ark offers a unique form of education by combining theoretical and practical education in one setting.

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Secondary Vocational School

Unique Concept

Learning by experience is the foundation of New Horizon's Secondary Education Program. Students spend approximately half of their time in the classroom and the other half out in the field gaining practical skills in carpentry, mechanical engineering, farming, and more.

Make it possible

Help make education a reality

More than half of students enrolled come from villages surrounding Noah's Ark. Without your support, these students would not be able to join New Horizon because of the difficulty families have in affording education.

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In Uganda, medical care is often poor in quality and unaffordable for most Ugandans. Noah's Ark Family Clinic seeks to be different by focusing on pregnant women and young children as well as offering general practice and laboratory services. Outreaches to the local people are conducted to help bring education about subjects such as breast-feeding, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, and family planning.


18 months, 9 pounds

Nelima joined Noah's Ark when she was one and a half years old, weighing only 9.7 pounds. With the love and care she received she transformed into a beautiful toddler.

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Medical care is not always within reach. That's why the staff off the Family Clinic regularly travels to remote villages and communities. There they teach about preventing diseases, have consultations and provide the public with free vaccinations.

Join Us!

Noah's Ark is looking for people who want to be involved in our work. You can join our sponsor program, and help support one of the poorest families as they send their children to school. You can also support our work by making a donation or by volunteering at Noah's Ark.

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