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Noah's Ark Children's Ministry Uganda (NACMU) was founded in 1999 by Dutch couple Pieter and Pita Buitendijk. We are a non-denominational Christian organization, based just outside the town of Mukono in central Uganda since 2006. Noah' s Ark runs a Children's Home where over 160 orphaned, abandoned, and abused children receive love and care. On the compound, there is also a Nursery School, Primary School, Secondary and Vocational School as well as a Medical Center. The large majority of students enrolled in the schools, and patients treated at the medical center, come from the local community. On the farms and in the workshops, students are able to obtain important vocational skills, which together with theoretical education, form a firm base for the future.

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Noah’s Ark is deeply committed to God, the local community, sustainability, and of course the children. All the employees are Ugandan, and volunteers and missionaries from around the world help with the work.

Noah’s Ark depends on the generosity of our sponsors, donors and volunteers. Please consider joining our sponsorship program or making a donation to support our work. Also throughout the year we receive several volunteers in Uganda.

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"From Nobody to Somebody" – Noah’s Ark believes that with genuine love, care and education children who have been deemed a “nobody” by society can be restored into a “somebody”.


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Let Peter and Pita guide you around Noah's Ark in this 15 minute promotional video

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