Nelima Kisaakye (7 years)

Nelima was born on August 10, 2011 and joined Noah's Ark on March 10, 2013.

May 2014 - In the year that Nelima has been with us, her transformation was so enormous that her own parents would not be able to pick her out of a line. She is a beautiful girl who seems to be pretty clever for her age. Her developments takes giant leaps, you'll already find her telling whole stories to whoever wants to listen. She adores Papa and Mama (Peter and Pita) and likes to be around them all the time. She can ask a lot of attention but at times she can also just run up to you and give you a kiss. Going to bed is her least favorite activity: for her it is just a waist of time, she could just as well do the tings she likes!

Abigail Photo at arrival

Recent photo

Life story and updates

March 2013

In march of 2013 Nelima arrived at Noah's Ark, together with her brother Robin. Their parents had no interest in their children any more since they both started a new relationship. They left Nelima and Robin in the care of an old lady in a remote village. They never paid the women so they woman did not really bother to do so. Neighbors contacted the police who arrested the parents and took the children to Noah's Ark.

Robin, two and a half years old, weighed 17 pounds. Nelima was one and a half year old but weighed only 9 pounds: she was nothing more than skin and bones. The team at Noah's Ark has seen children in many difficult situations, but this one in particular broke their hearts: How can a mother do this do a child?

Pita and other staff started an intensive program of feeding and care as part of the Malnutrition program. Depending on her growth every day Nelima could take in a few more milliliters of the special therapeutic milk. The work was hard and the days were long, but it is worth it.

June 2013

We gave Nelima time to get used to us (Peter and Pita) because getting attached to somebody is very important at that age. Often she slept on my (Pita's) chest with her head in on my neck. It was very tiresome for me and it took all my strength, but as you may understand she was worth every second of my time. Nelima is very attatched to me but now starts to accept others as well.

She is growing well, every three hours I feed her. Her weight is now 18 pounds (8.5kg). She is happy, friendly and very beautiful. She tries to stand on her own and when you hold her hands she can take a few steps. The skinny legs from a couple are nowhere to be seen, they are now even a bit chubby.