Family Units

When the children are 10 years old, they move out of the Children's Home into small scale Family Units. The units are located just one minute by foot from the Children's Home. A group of 10 boys or girls, together with a dedicated caretaker, live in smaller homes in order to create a more family like atmosphere. At the moment there are six Family Units: one being led by Peter and Pita, three boys' units and two girl's unit being led by Ugandan caretakers. More units are being built right now, and students from the Secondary Vocational School are involved to gain practical skills.

Each Family Unit has it's own living room, a kitchen, four bedrooms, and a bathroom. The children have their own storage space so they can learn how to care for their own clothes and toys. The children are actively involved in the household doing dishes, laundry, helping with cleaning, and more, but also have quality time like a family by playing games, making and listening to music, or watching a movie.

At the moment more Family Units are being constructed with the help of sponsors from North America and the Netherlands. Each summer two Livingstone-teams from the Netherlands help with the construction of a Family Unit. It's Noah's Ark’s goal to place more and more children in a Family Unit.


Visit the Family Units on Streetview!