Malnutrition Unit

Noah's Ark encountered more and more severely malnourished children (for example Nelima) and decided to act. Together with the government hospital in Kampala, a Malnutrition Unit was started in 2013. Malnourished children are treated with special food and care. The food is a balanced mix and varying nutrients in order to help the children gain weight and grow. Every day the amount of food the children can handle is calculated; too little and the growth can stop, too much could be fatal for the child. Dozens of children have reached a healthy weight and left the clinic again. It is Noah's Ark's desire to help more and more children in this way.


Noah's Ark is currently looking for funds to continue to expand the activities of the Malnutrition Unit. Please consider making a donation for this project.


After a few weeks John reached a safe weight and could go back home together with his father.


Every year the Malnutriton unit produces a report to show it's activities for that year. They can be downloaded below:

Report Malnutrition Unit 2015 (pdf, 10mb) »
Report Malnutrition Unit 2014 (pdf, 6mb) »


In this short video Pita Buitendijk, co-founder of Noah's Ark, explains the need and activities of the Malnutrition Unit.