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A Loving Home

A Loving Home
A complete home environment with dedicated care day and night

Clothes and Supplies

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Healthy meals, snacks, clothes and toys

A Loving Home

Nursery, Primary and Secondary education at New Horizon schools

A Loving Home

Medical Care
Covers all a childs preventative and curative needs

Children's Home Sponsorship Program

Thanks to our sponsorship program over 200 boys and girls who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused are able to call Noah's Ark their home. We will continue to care for them until we find their families, have graduated from school or are old enough to stand on their own two feet. We need your help to cover the costs of food, clothes, school fees, supplies and salaries for our local staff and upkeep of the buildings.

You can help give of one these children a home for as little as $40 per month

As a sponsor you’ll receive updates from your child throughout the year. Our children are always overjoyed when they receive a note, card or gift from ‘their’ sponsor.

You can be sure that your sponsorship support is fully used for what it is intended because missionaries, volunteers and the founders are sponsored via other channels or raise their own funds.

These children still need sponsorship


A baby was left behind at the police station July, 2019. We don't know much more about his situation aside from the fact that he was abandoned together with a sack of clothes. When we arrived to pick him up we saw that he was about 3 weeks old. His eyes were infected and his skin didn't look healthy. That's how, on August 19th, we welcomed a new son to the Noah's Ark family. Dennis is now a healthy happy baby.

Sponsor Dennis


Kaireh has two sides, one that's stubborn and one that's shy. He's an introvert who prefers his own company. He's very good at keeping himself clean, very good at reading, writing and school in general. He's not so good at listening to the 'aunties' (stubbornness) and doesn't really like dancing or singing.

Sponsor Kaireh


Martin is a delightfully headstrong little toddler who doesn't like to do what he's told, but if you make it fun and give him attention he's quick to complete any task. Every day he sits for an hour with the other toddlers working on concentration and listening in preparation for their first year at nursery school. Martin came to us when he was just 9 months old. "Come quickly, there's a baby next to the road." said one of our teachers. And indeed there was a 9 month old boy laying in the dark next to the road. We drove him to the police station and a few hours after that brought him back home.

Sponsor Martin


On the 5th of September 2014 we welcomed 2 abandoned brothers (we assume) to our home. Their father and mother both had left them behind. The police waited a few days before calling us, hoping that they would come back but sadly this did not happen. The youngest is Ethan. He's a bubbly precocious young little boy who is still looking for sponsorship.

Sponsor Ethan


The police in Kampala called us and told us they needed help. Arno born in October 2012 and came to Noah's Ark when he was just a week and a half old. His umbilical chord was still fresh. He's been growing slowly and steadily ever since.

Sponsor Arno


William wants to be a bus driver when he's older and drive a big but to Mukono, the town that is just 4 km up the road. For William, Mukono is the big city. He's a very helpful, social and friendly boy who smiles a lot and has a very pleasant disposition. He likes going to school and when this photo was taken he had just learned how to tell time. He even drew his first clock!

Sponsor William


On September16th Pascal and his mother stayed at a hotel in Kapala. When she left the following morning she left her baby behind. She didn’t come back so the owner of the hotel brought him to the police. It seems that she had planned this because she was untraceable. Of course we took him into our care when the police phoned us. We named him Pascal, he was about 4 weeks old when he came to us.

Sponsor Pascal