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A Loving Home

A Loving Home
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A Loving Home

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A Loving Home

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Children's Home Sponsorship Program

Thanks to our sponsorship program over 200 boys and girls who have been abandoned, orphaned or abused are able to call Noah's Ark their home. We will continue to care for them until we find their families, have graduated from school or are old enough to stand on their own two feet. We need your help to cover the costs of food, clothes, school fees, supplies and salaries for our local staff and upkeep of the buildings.

You can help give of one these children a home for as little as $40 per month

As a sponsor you’ll receive updates from your child throughout the year. Our children are always overjoyed when they receive a note, card or gift from ‘their’ sponsor.

You can be sure that your sponsorship support is fully used for what it is intended because missionaries, volunteers and the founders are sponsored via other channels or raise their own funds.

These children still need sponsorship


Scott was about 3 months old. A Motorbike taxi driver had seen that his mother was mentally ill and severely neglecting her son. On multiple occasions he saw how she left him alone in the rain and in the wind with no care. On the 26th of April he decided that it was no longer acceptable and brought the mother and child to the police station. Once at the police station, the mother deserted her child and never came back. Despite this difficult start, Scott is a happy baby and his birthday was set as the 27th of January, 2018.

Sponsor Scott


A baby was left behind at the police station July, 2019. We don't know much more about his situation aside from the fact that he was abandoned together with a sack of clothes. When we arrived to pick him up we saw that he was about 3 weeks old. His eyes were infected and his skin didn't look healthy. That's how, on August 19th, we welcomed a new son to the Noah's Ark family. Dennis is now a healthy happy baby.

Sponsor Dennis


Evin was about three weeks old when he was abandoned on someone's porch last June. There was no trace of where the boy came. We did find some grass stitched to the back of his head indicating he had been 'treated' by a traditional healer for his weak neck. He's growing well but his neck is still weak.

Sponsor Evin


Spencer has been with us since November 2018 after he was left near a gate of a house. He was wrapped in a blanket and had a bottle of milk. We don't know much more about where Spencer came from.

Sponsor Spencer


She was left behind on a doorstep with a bag of clothes when she was just four years old. As a child with special needs, she requires a little extra attention and care to ensure she can keep up with the other children of her own age. Vicky is a very happy, bubbly child and rewards everyone with a smile.

Sponsor Vicky


Jason was 5 days old when he was found on a garbage heap doused in terpentine. We can only imagine what would have happened next had he not been rescued by a passerby. We can't imagine what would make his parents literally throw him away. He has now found a loving and caring home at Noah's Ark and is a happy and active 4 year old child.

Sponsor Jason


Tabitha is a feisty, energetic independent little girl who occasionally gets into a bit of trouble. While at times she can be a lot to handle, she's a delight and will undoubtedly be a leader when she gets older. She came to us in June of 2012 when she was just 18 months old. She was found in a garbage bag in the gutter with a high fever, malaria and covered in scars from previous abuse. Luckily, remains of her difficult past have all but disappeared.

Sponsor Tabitha


Kaireh has two sides, one that's stubborn and one that's shy. He's an introvert who prefers his own company. He's very good at keeping himself clean, very good at reading, writing and school in general. He's not so good at listening to the 'aunties' (stubbornness) and doesn't really like dancing or singing.

Sponsor Kaireh

Adrian Junior

Adrian was left behind at the police station right under the nose of a police agent who didn’t even notice until the boy began calling for his father. Unfortunately, his father had vanished without a trace. The boy had a plastic bag that contained a picture of his mother and on the back there was a Kenyan phone number, but this number was disconnected. We're still searching for his mother, but until this time he has a home here at Noah's Ark. Adrian was born in August 2013.

Sponsor Adrian Junior


Fred was found deep inside a forrest by two boys who were collecting firewood. He was never intended to be found but the boys heard his crying. Judging from his umbilical chord he was not more than 2 days old. This was in February, 2014. Fred is a reserved, shy child who stil needs sponsorship.

Sponsor Fred


Juliet is a very popular, jolly girl and very social with the other children. She's a bit shy when she meets new adults, carefully observing before she engages in conversation or ask for attention. She's been with us since she was about 13 months old when the police brought her to us because her parents abandoned her with a 'good samaritan' who said she would look after the child. When this became too much she brought Juliet to the police, who later brought her to us.

Sponsor Juliet


Nathan is an energetic, social and inquisitive seven year old. He came to us when he was just 10 months old when he was found thrown away between the sugarcane in a farmers field. At the time ha had been severely underfed, but he's very healthy and there are no traces of his difficult beginning.

Sponsor Nathan


Dinah wants to be an 'aunty' when she grows up. An 'aunty' that takes care of children. Dinah is a headstrong girl and shows excellent leadership qualities. At the dinner table she is easily identified as the one who rules the roost. She's always been this way. Dinah came to us when she was just 1 week old. Her mother died at childbirth and her father lived in absolute poverty and had no way of caring for her. It soon became apparent she had a weak heart and had her first heart surgery when when she was just three months old. Thankfully her heart is now ok, literally and figuratively.

Sponsor Dinah


Britta was brought to Noah's Ark by her grandfather in January of 2017. Her mother died giving birth to her and he had to bring her to us because he had no other choice and could not care to the child himself. We said Britta could stay with us until she was old enough to contribute to family life. Britta doesn't like strangers and seeks lots of protection from the aunties.

Sponsor Britta


On the December 17th a baby was born at the local hospital. Almost immediately after the birth the mother said to the nursing staff that she wanted to go outside to call her family. And then she disappeared without a trace. This had been planned because she didn’t use her real name when she checked into the hospital. We took the boy into our care can named him Henk.

Sponsor Henk

Jackson Junior

All we know about Jackson is that he was left behind with a kind woman who wanted to care for him for a while but his mother never returned, the woman couldn't continue to take care of him. He came to live with us in December 2015. Jackson is now a very lively boy who's always running around and trying to stay out of trouble.

Sponsor Jackson Junior


Jeriah was left in a field of sugarcane right after his birth. Sugarcane is quite sharp so his body was covered in cuts and scrapes. His eyes were also incredibly swollen. The next day they started to ooze puss and a little while later we saw that maggots had nested in the skin. We had to clean his eyes, it and it was a torturous taks but we didn't want him to have any permanent damage. Now Jeriah is a five year old boy who enjoys going to nursery school and is always running.

Sponsor Jeriah


Roberta was left behind with an old lady next to the road by a Motorbike taxi driver. The driver said to the lady that he just needed to get some change.. that was the last she saw of him. The two year old was quite traumatized and was accepted into our care and immediately. She's now a cheeky 3 year old who loves getting her hair done by the aunties.

Sponsor Roberta


Enoch, like many of the other boys at the home wants to drive a bus when he's grown up. He's shy and loves math. So if he doesn't become a driver he wants to be an engineer. Enoch came to us with his brother. Their parents deserted them, he was just 2 and a half years old and his younger brother, Ethan, was only 5 months. We're happy that they are together.

Sponsor Enoch


Roberts mother left him behind with his father and stepmother who then went to live in a small village outside of Kampala. But soon the neighbours grew concerned when they noticed that he was being severely abused and neglected. They decided to call the police but when the police turned up the father and step-mother had disappeared without a trace leaving one and half year old Robert behind.

Sponsor Robert

Sarah Jr

Sarah was deserted by her mother and left with a man who swore he was not the father when she was just two and a half years old. She's now 3 and a half and is an adorable bubbly child with huge potential. Please help continue Sarah's growth and development here in the home.

Sponsor Sarah Jr


A man was awoken from his sleep by a crying baby and when he went outside to see what was going on he found a baby who was crying desperately. He didn’t know what to do with her, so he decided to bring her to the police station. Caroline came to us in March 2018 in the middle of the night. She's now being cared for by the 'aunties' in the baby wing.

Sponsor Caroline


On the 5th of September 2014 we welcomed 2 abandoned brothers (we assume) to our home. Their father and mother both had left them behind. The police waited a few days before calling us, hoping that they would come back but sadly this did not happen. The youngest is Ethan. He's a bubbly precocious young little boy who is still looking for sponsorship.

Sponsor Ethan


William wants to be a bus driver when he's older and drive a big but to Mukono, the town that is just 4 km up the road. For William, Mukono is the big city. He's a very helpful, social and friendly boy who smiles a lot and has a very pleasant disposition. He likes going to school and when this photo was taken he had just learned how to tell time. He even drew his first clock!

Sponsor William


A young woman who had given birth to a child 2 weeks prior, got into a fight with her boyfriend because he wouldn't give her what she wanted. She walked out and left the baby behind. He was unemployed and had no idea what to do with a newborn so he sought help from the police and child services. This meant that we took another baby into our care. He was a beautiful sturdy and healthy baby and weighed 4.5 kilos. His name is Rashid, his father is muslim. He didn't have any objection to the fact that Rashid would be raised a Christian, as long as we care for him.

Sponsor Rashid


The police in Kampala called us and told us they needed help. Arno born in October 2012 and came to Noah's Ark when he was just a week and a half old. His umbilical chord was still fresh. He's been growing slowly and steadily ever since.

Sponsor Arno


We don't know much about Neil. Only that he was left behind on someones doorstep when he was about 12 months old. He came to live with us in January 2018. He's now fully used to life at Noah's Ark but still needs constant attention and reassurance. He's a sweet, some what sombre boy.

Sponsor Neil


On Easter 2014 the police station was next to a hospital and in the hospital was the baby. A few days before an unconscious woman, together with her child, were admitted to the hospital. There didn’t seem to be any family. On the second day she came to and said that she was from one of the islands and that her child was 3 months old. Right after that she died. The hospital cared for the baby for another few says and when no family came to see how he was doing (nor collect the body of the mother) they decided to call the police. He's a chubby baby, very happy and uncomplicated.

Sponsor Bosco


On September16th Pascal and his mother stayed at a hotel in Kapala. When she left the following morning she left her baby behind. She didn’t come back so the owner of the hotel brought him to the police. It seems that she had planned this because she was untraceable. Of course we took him into our care when the police phoned us. We named him Pascal, he was about 4 weeks old when he came to us.

Sponsor Pascal


Samantha is a delight! Not only is she cute as a button, she has a determined but kind character and love to smile. She was found near a well early in the morning of January 2016. She had probably been there the whole night because she was very cold. It's amazing she survived the night with a plastic bag stuffed in her mouth- she clearly wasn't meant to survive but we are incredibly happy she did and that she is now at Noah's Ark where she is loved and looked after.

Sponsor Samantha