Sponsorship Programs

Noah's Ark wishes for its supporters to be involved with our work. That's why we offer sponsorship programs rather than only focussing on donations.

Children's Home

Mary Noah's Ark is not looking for donations to support the organization but is looking for people who wish to support our children. For every child multiple sponsors are needed to cover the cost of clothing, food, education, medical care and more. As a sponsor you will be updated on the life of your sponsor child, including a recent photo. Our children are happy and proud to receive a letter or even a parcel from their sponsor!



Many families living in the surroundings of Noah's Ark can not provide education for their children. A lack of education means a less brighter outlook on the future for these children. Often they stay at home doing work to bring in some extra income for their family. Noah's Ark selects children from the poorest families to join our sponsorship program. We do not look for sponsor for our schools, but for our students.

To join our sponsorship programs, please contact one of our representative offices.