New Horizon Sponsorship Program

Kind uit het dorp Together with a parents committee, Noah's Ark selects the poorest families in the surrounding villages. Most of these family are broken: typically the father is not there and the mother is moving from job to job in other villages, so the care for the children comes down to the grandparents. Most of these caretakers grow vegetables is a small garden, but that is not enough to generate adequate income for the basic needs of their family. Paying for school fees is a far reach.

Children from these families are enrolled in New Horizon as sponsors from all over the world pay the school fees for them. Apart from quality education, the children also get a hot meal on every school day which, for a lot of children, is the only meal of the day. As a sponsor, you will receive an update two or three times a year containing the report card, photo, and drawings or letters from the child you sponsor.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact Noah's Ark Uganda or one of our representatives:

Contact details for offices in Germany and the USA »