Peter and Pita Buitendijk

Peter (Piet) and Pita Buitendijk are the founders of Noah's Ark and the 'Papa and Mama' for more than 160 children. Since 1996, the couple has been active as missionaries in Uganda, starting Noah's Ark in 1999. Since 2006, Noah's Ark has been based on a large compound just out of the town of Mukono.

Peter BuitendijkBefore Peter and Pita settled in Uganda, they worked in other countries in Africa where Peter was working as a Public Relations Officer for a developmental organization. The couple experienced a growing call to go to Uganda. In 1996, the couple traveled to Uganda and started looking for an organization to work alongside. In 1999, they started their own organization, Noah's Ark.

Pita BuitendijkIn their rental home in Kampala, Peter and Pita started caring for children and babies for whom there was no other place to go. These were children that had been thrown away, left at the roadside, physically, sexually or mentally abused, or left with a stranger. As they took in more and more children, the home they were living in soon became too small. It was time for them to move to a bigger place which resulted in moving to the current compound in 2006; a large piece of on which Noah's Ark constructed a Children's Home with room for many children, small scale Family Units, schools, a clinic, a church and much more.

Peter and Pita are not employed at Noah's Ark and do not receive any salary. They raise their own support. They serve the children 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The love and gratitude they receive from their children is worth more than gold. Peter and Pita like to refer to the following verse from the gospel of Matthew:

And whoever welcomes one such child in My Name welcomes Me.

Matthew 18:5 (New International Version)
Peter en Pita Buitendijk